Professional Development

CAAP professional development resources extend toward many areas of language teaching and learning. We offer technology integration workshops for teachers on a variety of topics, and these can be customized to your group’s needs. Workshops can also be scheduled during in-service or PD days if appropriate. The World Media and Culture Center in Hagerty Hall is a popular destination, and we offer tours for both teachers and their students. Students can also take advantage of our CAAP Ambassadors who visit schools to talk to students about the many career possibilities in world languages. Teachers may arrange small or large group sessions for these informative and interactive presentations.

For Teachers:
  • CAAP Professional Development Workshops
  • CAAP Information Sessions
  • CAAP Calibration Sessions
  • CAAP Orientation to Exam Procedure
  • World Media and Culture Center Tours
Technology Integration Workshops on topics such as:
  • Technology in the Language Classroom
  • Audacity
  • Google Earth
  • Mystery Skype
For Students:
  • World Media and Culture Center Tours
  • CAAP Ambassador Visits