Early Assessments

The CAAP Early Assessment Measures are offered in Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. These Assessments test for listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills and follow closely the guidelines set forth in the Common Core.

The Early Assessment Measures have two primary purposes:

  • To provide feedback to third-level high school language students about their degree of world language proficiency.
  • To give these students an indication of their potential placement in language courses at the university.
Instructors receive a report of their students' performance on the exams with an indication of potential university course placement. The report also includes data showing students’ current level of proficiency as compared to other high school students at the same level.

Our studies have shown that the CAAP exam corresponds to Intermediate Low to Mid on the ACTFL Levels.

Because research shows that one should study a world language for four to six years in order to acquire functional proficiency, test results should reinforce the appeal of sustained sequence of world language study throughout high school and into college. Practice tests are now offered online.